Is it weird if I save this to my phone and text it to people when they say something I disagree with?
That way they will see exactly how I would look disagreeing with them.

I don’t think this is what GIFs were made for.



the satisfaction

One time in like 5th grade I had this teacher and she gave us all bottles of shit like this and told us to squeeze it all out and of course we were like fuck yeah and did it and then she said, “Now, try and shove it all back in the container.” Of course we all tried, and then stared at her confused as shit. When we all obviously gave up, she said, “In the moment, you were so consumed with what you were doing that you didn’t realize the mess you were making. Then, after it was so quickly and easily poured out, you realize it is impossible to put it all back in. Remember this for the rest of your lives when it comes to the words that come out of your mouth” and we were like 10 so we were like yeah ok whatever lady, but somehow to this day I think of it constantly. 


life is so hard when you have twenty tv shows to watch




Hey Taylor, my sister is in an abusive relationship and she won’t admit it to herself. They got into a huge fight and he pushed her and threw her against a wall and broke all her stuff and she continues to go back to him. At this point I do not know what…



I wish more cartoons taught young girls that if a man harasses you or annoys you or whatever you should blow him up with a bazooka and feel no remorse :)))

Ivy leaned back to avoid the propulsion blast. They’ve done this before.




Are you a fisherman because I think you’re a reel catch

You spelled real wrong.

Throw this one back into the water boys we’ve got ourselves a city slicker


when people try to talk shit about our girl




the sexual tension when u and ur crush are online on fb at the same time and u just stare at their lil green dot

and suddenly you know what gatsby felt like

Some of you may have heard that I have written and produced a song with Taylor Swift on her new record and she pretty much wrote it and I did the music stuff around it. She’s super talented. She turned up here at twelve o’clock on a Sunday, she had one day between sold out O2 shows, I was well impressed. It turned out to be amazing. I had never met her before, she’s really super talented. She came in, played me a little song on a guitar, just like the beginnings of a song and I was like “Sounds great! Let’s go down to the studio and see what happens!”

So we pulled together the music and basically by the end we’d managed lunch and dinner and she’d sung the vocals, I’d sung some backing vocals, done all the music, and recorded it pretty much as you now hear it on the record… with three or four days with messing around afterwards, but basically that was it. I’m really really proud of it, and I’m not going to tell you the name of it but it’s on her record 1989 which comes out the 27th of October and I’m super proud of it and I can’t wait for you to hear it because I love it!

—Imogen Heap on her collaboration with Taylor (x)


The progression of video games in a few decades.




taylor switf - I knew you were trouble (cover by horse)

you wont believe your ears